I’m moving!


Things have been quiet here for a while and there is a reason for that. I have bought a house! While it’s not going to be time to move in for some time yet, this will cause my doll hobby to be forced to take the back seat for a while.

The good news for my doll making is; that I will be able to set up a much better work space and hopefully some equipment for better casting in the future.
It will also mean that I am far less restricted to what hours of the day I can work without disturbing my neighbors, and that’s always a plus.

So, how far has the Basil project come so far?
Well, I have made a rough cast in polyurethane and while he is far from perfect, this has made it possible to work out the flaws that he has.
I have made one copy for myself to play with and another to be modded to perfection. Well, hopefully. 😉
The later is what will then be used as a master for the final molds. I will likely use a casting service for this as I suspect it will take some time before I have good casting facilities set up at the new place and I can’t hope to get a professional result with what I currently have.

First Order Period Open

I am happy to announce that the Skyfall head is now available to order.
Only a limited amount of heads will be released this time, the order period starts now and ends July 31, or when the heads are sold out, whichever is first.

To order, simply place an e-mail to dolly_dark@hotmail.com and tell the amount and skin color you wish to purchase and provide name, address and your Paypal information.
You will then receive a confirmation mail and a Paypal invoice. Pay the amount within 5 days to confirm your order. Your order is not complete until we have received the payment.

The head is available in a Normal Skin that is intended to match Volks Normal and in White Skin.
The cost of one head is 85 euro
Shipping cost will be 13 euro to most countries (more info about shipping at the end of the post*).

Kopia av IMG_1227

Skyfall takes 12mm or 14mm eyes and wigs in size 6-7. She fits S-hooks up to 13mm wide.

*This shipping option has tracking available to the following countries:
Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, El Salvador, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Japan, Canada, Croatia, Latvia, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zeeland, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Czech Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Hungary, Belarus, Austria.
If your country is not on the list and you want tracking, let me know in your order e-mail and I’ll get back to you with what other options are available. Please be aware that the shipping cost will likely be a bit higher.

Possible Hybrids

I have tried the prototype head on the bodies I have available.
Since this is still a prototype, these pictures don’t say anything about resin matches, but they can be useful to see size and proportions.
The head should fit nicely on any body with similar measurements. They all have a neck circumference of between 7 and 7,5 cm. The head has a decent range of movement on all of these bodies.

Doll Leaves Teenage Dream boy body
kroppt kropptp
Luts Kid Delf Romantic body
kroppd kroppdp

Lati Blue girl body
kroppl kropplp