I’m moving!


Things have been quiet here for a while and there is a reason for that. I have bought a house! While it’s not going to be time to move in for some time yet, this will cause my doll hobby to be forced to take the back seat for a while.

The good news for my doll making is; that I will be able to set up a much better work space and hopefully some equipment for better casting in the future.
It will also mean that I am far less restricted to what hours of the day I can work without disturbing my neighbors, and that’s always a plus.

So, how far has the Basil project come so far?
Well, I have made a rough cast in polyurethane and while he is far from perfect, this has made it possible to work out the flaws that he has.
I have made one copy for myself to play with and another to be modded to perfection. Well, hopefully. 😉
The later is what will then be used as a master for the final molds. I will likely use a casting service for this as I suspect it will take some time before I have good casting facilities set up at the new place and I can’t hope to get a professional result with what I currently have.