Kosta Nallemässa 2017

The 22nd of October the annual teddy fair is held in Kosta, Sweden.
The fair is organized by Margarethas Dockskåp. This store sells many different types of dolls, toys and miniatures. Among other things they have a large selection of wigs and eyes suitable for BJD and a huge selection of doll house miniatures that fits 1:12 scale dolls.
We have not attended this particular event before, but we have been to other events arranged by the same store.
While the main focus of the fair is teddy bears and other stuffed toys; dolls, doll house miniatures and other miniature and craft related things are also welcome.

We will be there with more or less the same stuff we brought to Jointed Hearts. This means the Skyfall head will be available for purchase as well as various clothes and accessories. We will also bring the Basil body prototype. Feel free to handle him a bit, ask questions and tell us what you think. We’d love to get some feedback.

If you visit the fair, please come by and say hello!