Back from Jointed Hearts

We are fresh home from this years edition of Jointed Hearts, a BJD convention held annually in Gothenburg, Sweden.

While a bit on the small side, it was still packed with interesting people and an astonishing amount of skills and talent. There were several doll artists present and many other lovely crafts as well.
The theme of this years exhibition was “the Machine” and it was so much fun to see the many interpretations. The most impressive one being a working arcade machine in 1:3 scale! Way beyond awesome.

I managed to make a rough cast version of the Basil body done in time to take with me and I had him displayed on our table with a note encouraging people to pick him up and examine him closer and many did. I learned so much out of the amazing feedback that people gave and also a lot from just watching how people handled him and what they looked for first.
A big thank you to all who did!

I also had the great fortune to be able to get some feedback from more experienced artists and a chance to nerd a bit about casting and sculpting materials.

Now I will take a couple of days to wind down and rest up a bit, then it’s time to do a bunch of minor fixes to Basil and to make him ready to be professionally cast. With a bit of luck I will be able to open the first preorder for him later this fall.